2023: Fayemi disowns campaign posters

While many still believes that the next presential election in Nigeria is still far, as it’s three years away, it’s no wonder as in recent times the political scene of the nation,Nigeria has seen various indirect political calculations and patterns. The last Presidential election in Nigeria saw to the re-election of the incumbent President of Nigeria, Muhhammadu Buhari.

Adding to the list of the various political intrigues which are  already taking place on the national political scene some which are carried out by third parties to sample the opinion of the people or gauge the perception of the public as well as that of other politician regarding certain figures which they believe might fit into their idea of the 2023 presidency.

The presidency campaign posters of the incumbent Governor of Ekiti State has been recently found on the public spaces, this has generated several response from different quarters of the society on whom they think will be the perfect fit for the Aso Rock hallowed office.

Reacting to the campaign posters which already had gone viral and has been shared on different social media platforms, the Governor of Ekiti State, Governor Kayode Fayemihaa distanced himself from the campaign posters as a 2023  Presidential candidate under the auspices of the All Progressive Congress (APC)

The much publicized Fayemi’s Presidential campaign posters was reported to have been sponsored by the Chairman of Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Mr Femi Ayodele,

The posters, which have become subject of political debates and innuendos on different platforms, shows Governor Fayemi clad in an adorable sky blue Agbada with a blue striped Awolowo cap.

The message on the posters with APC logo reads: “Support His Excellency Dr. John Kayode Fayemi for President 2023.”

Responding to the development, the Governor of Ekiti State and Chairman of the Governor’s Forum, Kayode Fayemi, in a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary Yinka Oyebode said the Governor Kayode Fayemi had nothing to do with the Presidential Campaign Posters which has flooded the nation’s media space as he has in no way authorized anyone to share anything relating to that.

He said: “Dr Fayemi does not have any knowledge of the campaign poster neither did he authorise Mr Ayodele or any person or group of persons to start a campaign on his behalf.

“As a matter of fact, Mr Ayodele does not and cannot speak for the Governor on any matter, be it policy, administrative or political”.

He added: “Governor Fayemi has reiterated over and over that he has a four-year mandate as Governor of Ekiti State and he is focused on actualising his promises to the people of the state through pragmatic leadership and systemic implementation of his administration’s five pillars of development.

“This also serves as a note of caution to political appointees, government functionaries, political associates and groups to operate within the ambit of decency and steer clear of actions that are capable of distracting the government, the party and the Governor.”

Following the reaction of the incumbent Governor of Ekiti State in disassociating himself from these campaign posters, it’s however important to encourage and admonish the active players of the nation’s political system to take the issues of governance with utmost importance. Governance and Politics are two different entities which must not be intertwined together. Although inseparable, political and public office holders must have it at the back of their mind that their sole and primary objective is good governance, as a result of this they must ensure that they place governance first in their priority list.

The year 2023 is still far ahead, and because of this it is too early to start the debates or politics of who the next president of the country is going to be. While it is not a bad thing to prepare early,we must come to understand that this might act as a distraction for not just the incumbent President of the Nation who has a duty of advancing the country , but also will serve as an unnecessary distraction which can deprive the nation at large of the growth and development that could have been achieved if it’s fully focused in running the nation.

By Marcus Amudipe

August 20, 2020

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