Osun records six new coronavirus cases

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    Osun State Government on Thursday confirmed that six more Ivory Coast returnees tested positive for coronavirus.

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    May God protect us. God will Intervene

    Mr Segun

    @lanreojo  surely we need God intervention but our government need to be proactive and take safety measure. our health need to be fixed properly , not because of this covid-19 but for future purpose .


    I think every states should plan ahead for this and create isolation centers. infected person might have travel to some other states , and we should relax and say its only lagos, abuja and abeokuta that are affected .

    Mr Ajayi

    This corona virus , at the end it will turn to blessing because our government must have learn alots and put health-care facilities inorder.

    I pray God will keep us safe in this trying time and we will never be a victim of this deadly virus.


    Read they are all isolated in the same place which is a good start, minimizes the chances of more people getting it

    I beleive we will certainly overcome. The more synergy we have between the federal govt and states, the better for us

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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