How Police Brutality Poses Threat to Nigeria’s Tech industry, foreign exchange

The ease of doing business in any human society is nothing but a welcomed development and prayer for a business enthusiast, doing business by nature is a risky affair, one that offers no full assurance of making profit at the end no matter the capital invested. This is because market forces or business forces are not static as they are subjected to change. These various changes can be caused by many things which range and vary from demand and supply, economic reforms, security state of the respective society among other factors

Thus as a result of the aforementioned, one of the greatest respect and benefits that the government can give or offers the business outlook of its nation is that it helps it’s various business enterprise and business owners by putting in place re-forms and polices that will facilitate the ease of doing business in their nation, not only this it must also ensure that it’s various structure do a lot to ensure that they protect budding business enterprise as well as existing business enterprise and industry.

In the development of any nation in Nigeria, the role of business owners and their enterprise are very germane and important to the growth of the National outlook as they go a long way in contributing immensely to the national outlook and gross domestic income (GDP).

Contextualizing this discourse to the Nigerian situation, either existing business enterprise, small and medium scale business enterprise has a contributed a lot to the economic outlook of the nation as will continue to do so, if there’s anytime that they have to be protected and given the easy and luxury to grow and thrive in Nigeria.

To the bane of the discourse, we must come to realize that the job outlook in the world and Nigeria has evolved and changed the advancement in information technology and communication has changed and revolutionized the face of job and doing business all over the world.

The conventional jobs within the Nigerian system sees the Nigerian system especially the old generation believes that the job outlook are centered on jobs like Professional Jobs, Traders etc. However the 21st century has seen to the revolutionizing the face of business in Nigeria.

The new generational job outlook in Nigeria has seen to the influx of new jobs and Business in Nigeria most of which are centered on the place or tool of the internet as fronting and advancing the growth of these businesses.


Jobs like content writers, copywriting, graphics designer, crypto currency traders, Forex trading and other form of online business have become the feature and face of business outlook in Nigeria. This new business face has been advanced and greatly facilitated by the youthful populace in the nation as they have come to realize the importance and significance of a digitalized business structure which offers job security, comfort and more chance at making profit and cutting costs of running businesses.

However these businesses outlook as become a targeted one in the Nigerian society as the people that is the older generation are fixated on the place of conventional and the old jobs as the only legal jobs around.

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has highly become notorious for profiling youths doing this kind of jobs are criminals. The constant harassment of people doing online business in the category listed earlier and many others who are not listed here as cyber criminals are something that must be addressed.

The Nigerian situation has created a popular belief and notion that profiles the young people doing business which are built on the internet as fraudster has continue to make it hard to do business in Nigeria.

No doubt the nation Nigeria over the last decades has become a center for the growth for technology enthusiast and investment, there are many IT professionals and people doing business that are riding and leveraging on technological provisions and advancement to makes ends meet. It’s quite sad to see how the brutality of the Nigerian Police Force has poised several danger and threat to Nigeria’s tech industry, foreign exchange and other businesses that depends on the internet to thrive and grow

There’s a need to sensitize and enlighten not just the Nigerian Police Force but also the general society on the need to re-orientate itself on profiling these jobs as they are not in any way illegal.

These categories of jobs has a lot to offer and contribute the Nigerian Economy as these are Jobs that has the potential to yielding in great financial figures for nation’s Economy. Providing that the Nigerian nation encourages the growth and development of these jobs by providing the right environment for them to expand in Nigeria, a rising cases of job employment across the 36 states of the federation will be greatly reduced which will also reduce the pressure on the Nigeria government to create more job opportunities in the country.

Imagine a population where a larger chunk of its youths are into one online) digital businesses or the other, it will go a long way in engaging the youth lucratively as the straight jacket economy and orientation whereby most graduates leaves school depending on Government jobs to thrive.

When the atmosphere is right and the government does it best to encourage these kinds of jobs,  people will be more motivated to do these kinds of jobs, it’s easier for students in the University to engage in these businesses and jobs types because most of them are remote jobs which does not necessarily involve the need of going to the office.

There are various ways through which the Nigerian government can look into this which includes making polices that will ensure that telecommunication industry reduces their data tariffs, the provision of Information Communication Technology (ICT) gadgets to the youths which they can use to start these businesses, doing extensive media awareness that will see to it that jobs like these are normalize.


By Marcus Amudipe

October 15, 2020

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