Nurses at Ikorodu General Hospital use nylon apron — NANNM

The Lagos State chapter of the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives has alleged shortage of Personal Protective Equipment for nurses and other healthcare workers in the state.

They alleged that in their “collective battle to contain the COVID-19 global pandemic, many nurses are exposed to unnecessary risks as the PPE is not readily available.”

The chairman of the association, Blessing Israel, said the shortage of PPE was especially “worrisome at Ikorodu General Hospital.”

Describing the dire situation to PUNCH HealthWise, Israel said, “Our members are overwhelmed at Ikorodu General Hospital. No PPE for them.

“There is a disparity in the kind of face masks they give the health workers.

“They give three pairs of gloves to a nurse for a day at the Accident and Emergency Department. The three pairs can even be exhausted while attending to a patient. The situation is terrible.

“Some of the nurses work for 48 hours and they don’t have places to rest their heads and there is no food for them.

“We cannot accept nylon aprons that cannot protect them from this virus. This is sad.

“Even in developed countries where there are PPE, the health workers are dying. How many patients have we handled in Nigeria that we are already crying for PPE?”

Continuing, he said, “They compare us with the US and UK, but how many COVID-19 patients have we treated that we are already crying for PPE?

“The earlier the government does something about it, the better for us.”

When our Correspondent contacted the Managing Director of the hospital, Dr. Olufunmilayo Bankole, he denied that nurses in the hospital wear nylon aprons.

“It’s interesting how people peddle negative things. You know the situation on ground with this COVID-19 infection; we have to make sure that all cadres of staff are protected, especially while at home.

“We give them disposable coats, gloves, face masks and ensure that those that will be in close contact with patients don’t wear the ordinary masks, but are given N95 or 3M because we know the importance of making sure that they are protected,” Bankole said.

However, PUNCH HealthWise had reported that pregnant women at the Ikorodu General Hospital were directed to buy two sets of PPE to be used by caregivers during the delivery process.



April 26, 2020

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