People Talk: On FG school feeding programme during lockdown

“I will advice that the federal government should sincerely use the money meant for this school feeding programme on other important things. “Majority of Nigerians are hungry and here the government is spending billions of naira on school feeding, moreover these children are currently not in school.” -Marvis Hope, Engineer “The Idea is a good one but we have heard series of promises before now and nothing came out of it. The government has always made us believe they are doing something whereas nothing is being done.
“The idea is good but as always implementation is a problem.” -Obasanya Abosede, Businesswoman “It does not make sense because pupils are on compulsory holiday and there is no sense in continuing the school feeding programme when the participating schools are closed. “Even if they want to give internally displaced people and orphanages, it is not proper.” -Ifeoluwa Bankole, Marketer.“Obviously Nigerians know that it is all lie and another means of enriching some set of people.
However, I am not sure the government will be able to carry out the project effectively due to lack of data. “It’s another scheme to steal money and the feeding will not work.” -Ray Yobo, Entrepreneur “I can only sense another fraud here, why will the federal government spend that huge amount of money on feeding school children when school is not. “This is waste of resources. The money can be used on some other things.
FG should rather empoer parent to feed their kids.” -Victor Oghenekevwe, Fashion designer. “This government is not serious. Are they going to feed those pupils from their homes? I am here with my children and they have not benefitted from the school feeding programme. “Would they be fed at home? Something is certainly wrong with that programme and only an investigation will unravel it.” -Alatise Oluwabunmi, Secretary
Vanguard News Nigeria.

May 18, 2020

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