List of Publications

1. Revolution in Nigeria: Let’s face reality

2020: Liberating Nigeria, Operate News, and

2. Covid-19: It’s time to discuss universal free healthcare for all Nigerians

2020: Vanguard Newspaper, Liberating Nigeria

3. Electoral reform: INEC should lobby Pastor Adeboye, Sultan of Sokoto
2020: Vanguard Newspaper, Liberating Nigeria

4. Between Ogun State and State of New Jersey

2013: Punch Newspaper, Sahara Reporters and The Herald; 2020: Liberating Nigeria

5. Enough of Sensationalism—let’s discuss facts, jobs in Nigeria and Solutions


6. Nigeria’s New Auto Policy: Cotonou Will Be The Greatest Beneficiary

2014: Sahara Reporters; 2020: Liberating Nigeria

7. How can we create jobs

2012: Sahara Reporters

8. Now that the strike is over

2012: Sahara Reporters

9. Oil Subsidy Removal: Please lead us by example

2011: Sahara Reporters; 2020: Liberating Nigeria

10. Power Supply: We need the facts

2011: Punch Newspaper, The Guardian and Sahara Reporters

11. What will our new president do about gas glaring?”

2011: Sahara Reporters

12.  History of the Computer

2004:  Paper submitted to the IEEE History Committee (USA) and adjudged a winning essay in Region 8 (comprising Europe, Africa and Middle East) and one of the best 9 essays in the worldwide contest). Presented during the IEEE 2004 Conference of History of Electronics held at Bletchley Park, UK.

13.   US- China Feud Can Help Grow Jobs in Nigeria and Other African Countries

2020: The Nation; Vanguard; Liberating Nigeria

The Nation: US- China feud can help grow jobs in Nigeria, Africa

Vanguard: Jobs Creation: How the US-China feud can help Nigeria and Africa grow 

Liberating Nigeria: US-China feud can help grow jobs in Nigeria and other African Countries

14. IT Jobs in Nigeria

2020: Punch News

Punch: IT jobs in Nigeria

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