For the fourth time within the space of four years the force popularly known as the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) has been disbanded by the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police on the order of the federal government after the several cries of the people against the rascality of the agency which it has exhibited over the years which has seen to the death of hundreds of Nigeria Youths in the most crude ways you can ever imagine.

The question on the mind of every Nigerian is that what happened to the promises made by the federal government and the inspector general of police to see to a revamp of this agency. Prior to this, it has been disbanded three times and on these three occasions they have always come back worse and dangerous than hardened criminals in the nation.

Daily the various Nigeria news outlets bear news of the death of many of its Youths over the thoughtless actions of the agency, the constant harassment of people over perceived thoughts that they are criminals, the unlawful arrests and detention of people without warrants of arrest or a trial at the court. The lawful extortion of Nigerians by these unscrupulous elements that have shown themselves to hold no positive real values and also their lack of moral standard in the discharge of their duties has placed Nigerians on the edge.

This is a body that was created to checkmate the activities of criminals in the Nigerian society, it’s rather too pathetic as they have over the years since their establishment evolved to become a threat to the people they were created to protect.

Why this article is in no way an attempt to justify crime or any form of criminal activities or anti social acts, this agency has lost the sight of its sole purpose and mission to curb crimes in the country by becoming criminals themselves.

Again the federal government and the inspector general of Police has failed to successfully put a leash on this agency as the numerous promises of restructuring the body to becoming a decent one that will see to the discharge of its duties in a rational manner has failed. They keep bringing back the body even after its disbandment in another name. This is a recycling which Nigerians are beginning to get wary of.

Their lives and safety are at risk, many Nigerians walk the streets in fear of what will happen next as all that’s needed for these set of purpose deprived being only needs to see a smart phone on you or a tattoo to arrest you in a sane community of people. Nigeria youths who have been noted to be largely expressive in their lifestyles has continued to suffer under police brutality and extortion. It will be recalled that the Nigerian police was ranked the worst in Africa in the year 2017.

There were promised reforms from the government to address this ills in its police system, it’s rather pathetic to realize that these re-forms are not forthcoming as nothing as changed with the agency.

A quick survey on one of the most used social media platforms in Nigeria, Twitter will show many of the ugly experience of Nigerians. Using the hashtag ENDSARS, Nigerians have used the platform to share their disappointment over the ill treatment of the Nigerian youths by this agency.

The pathetic feature of this body is the nature and lifestyles of men under it, the body in an odd fashion has always seen to the recruitment of individuals who are not fit to be employed in such sensitive offices. Many of them are ex-convicts who are not yet refined, this is not to paint ex convicts in the nation bad but however the public must be sure about the mental state and readiness of these recruited ex convicts to interact cordially in the society. Many of these officers are men given to wayward lives, to alcohol while ok duty. You see them on the Nigerian highway dressed in no way different from touts and thugs, they do hold down Nigerians and engage in road chase without recourse to the dangers it might course.

Although it is expected that Nigerians are to wait to be duly checked by them, however as a result of the lack of trust of Nigerians on the body, many prefers to run away from their check because the members of this agency needs no valid reason to arrest you.

Many Nigerians has been reported missing, many not found eventually over reports that they were arrested by members of the agency. Human life is sacred and must be respected. The Nigerian Government must do better, lives are most daily, parents within the nation are now filled with fear over their wards that could be targeted by the men of this agency for no reason.

There’s no intelligence attached to the internal working of this body, it is rather too sorry to see men of this body breaking the door of Nigerians early in the morning to conduct illegal searches.

Nigerian youth are vital to the survival of this nation, their safety has been far jeopardized enough, there is a need for a revamp, we cannot allow these set of people to be killed like chickens.

Bodies established and created to safeguard the people must not lose sight their duties and sole responsibility. Nigerians have called and cried to the federal government of Nigeria to do something about this and every time they respond, their response is no different from the former.

Again this body has been disbanded for the fourth time, it is the cry of Nigerians that it’s better to be faced with a common enemy than bringing up the agency with same men in another uniform.

Nigerian has a lot on their hands, adding the rascality of this body to it will just add only to their woes and growing frustrations. If there’s going to be a revamp of this body, it has to be a wholesome and all encompassing one.

It has to be one that is driven by an ideology and with a strong sense of purpose and determination that will see the body stick to its main aim and not violating the trust of the people again.


By Marcus Amudipe

October 7, 2020

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