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Bell Flight is currently a subsidiary of Textron. Because there was never a crossover event that brought our two helicopters together (like that time Murder, She Wrote was on Magnum, P.I. My first thoguht to the original question was "Airwolf. Blue Thunder was a 1983 movie starring an experimental, machine-gun-toting police helicopter that eventually tears up Los Angeles. Whereas the Blue Thunder film ends with Roy Scheider deciding that the chopper is too dangerous and fascist for the police, the TV show starts with the premise that, naw, son!, it's actually great for the LAPD to have of these bad devils. Andrew Probert, whose credits include Indiana Jones and Star Trek, helped design and modify the Bell 222 for Airwolf. Now that’s a winner right there. At least, that's what I said before discovering that Airwolf clocks in at… 60 hours. Airwolf (Pilot: Hawke, Assist: Santini) vs Blue Thunder (Pilot: Murphy, Assist: Jaffa), 2. Don't write Blue Thunder off. And, not getting the message that he was godawful, Scott Fucking Bakula then has to go and star in the second worst Star Trek kind of spin off. Airwolf (Pilot: Murphy, Assist: Jaffa) vs Blue Thunder (Pilot: Hawke, Assist: Santini). your admiration for a sleek chopper is noted. The Gazelle has a range of 224 miles (361km), which won't quite get you from Houston to Dallas but should let you put down in a parking lot somewhere between Corsicana and Ferris. The real Gazelle has options for rockets, missiles, and reconnaissance flares, which are primarily intended for surface targets. CHAOS Helis from RCA. Airwolf looks sleeker, and Hawke is a proper badass, but still... Blue Thunder wins on credibility. This one advertised on Jalopnik a few years ago was just shy of $600K. Aren't you forgetting quantum leap, wasn't that bellisario? (But since it's the real thing, I guess it's not a mock-up?). My parents took me to see it when I was five. It also involved an experimental military chopper flown by a sullen ex-Army pilot with the shockingly preposterous name “Stringfellow Hawke” (played by Jan-Michael Vincent). One: which machine is more awesome? This has improved my day no end. Blue thunder also had a helmet sight slave gun as opposed to the fixed guns of Airwolf. I cried at the end. Or consider this pic from the buddy-cop TV show Lethal Weapon. It also involved an experimental military chopper flown by a sullen ex-Army pilot with the shockingly preposterous name "Stringfellow Hawke" (played by Jan-Michael Vincent). Among the distinctive features which helped it win the part is its turbine-style tail rotor with a shark-like fin. The UK military, for instance, will be using them until at least 2022. It would butt up against the problem of trailing blade stall (losing lift) and a leading blade going super sonic (probably destroying the rotor assembly in the process). Instead of therapy, what they need is more violence. As for Thunder Blade—I only bring it up again so I can use this picture: Regarding Airwolf—let's just say that TV in the 1980s was less demanding than it is now. Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by mikenostic, Feb 28, 2008. ? (In case you're about to furiously email me to say that "the chopper in Thunder Blade only looks like Blue Thunder on the box, but it actually looks way more like an AH-64 Apache in-game"—nah, you're thinking of Tiger-Heli, you narc.) Every episode was basically the same and harmless enough that you could sit your brats in front of the TV for an hour. The movie’s human star is an LAPD helicopter pilot (played by Roy Scheider) whose name is Murphy, because all movie cops are named Murphy. And was the ambiguity a subtle psychological prompt in favour of gun control? RCA/CHAOS BRAND SUPPORT. According to the Internet Movie Plane Database, the same modded Gazelle as Blue Thunder makes an appearance in the first episode of MacGyver. You can tell it's not meant for intense combat because its machineguns aren't on turrets like the Apache and the Cobra in the images below. You weren't expected to sit through every episode like it was a homework assignment, and no way existed for you to binge the show. Anyway, thanks to the renewed interest in cool-vehicle franchises spurred by Mr. Cruise's latest money-printing endeavor, we at Ars decided to settle one of the greatest debates of the subgenre. Alas. The Steven King episode was OK, but the rest of it was a cascade of diarrhoea of the first order. Too many cute kids mugging for the camera, he said, and unless Walker is telling these kids that they have AIDS, Lee wanted nothing to do with them. What's remarkable is that the footage of Blue Thunder's live-fire demonstration from the movie is recycled, except all the blowed-up civilians are excised. Here's a recent photo of Hackman getting an e-bike. The answers are, of course: 1. Airwolf, by contrast, was a totally different thing. MacGyver, 4. Hmmmmm? Same, minimal was freaking awesomely bad looking back but I loved it. It was only in the '80s—which came after the rise of the summer blockbuster but before CG-everything—that the vehicle show could flourish. Surely Airwolf being piloted by Manimal would win. I dont remember streethawk. On the drive down to my first helicopter lesson about 5 years ago I think we listened to the Airwolf theme song about 5 times. PS I know have the airwolf theme on a loop in my head. Remember that? If Blue Thunder had been nothing but 80 minutes of a flying bullet factory blowing stuff up, 5-year-old me would have loved it more than I loved my parents. KDS Innova 600. Note: real Bell 222s are unarmed. Forget Top Gun: Maverick—lets settle Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf once and for all posted on Jan. 10, 2020 at 5:47 pm Enlarge / Look at this crap I used to do in elementary school. The demonstration is supposed to show off how well Blue Thunder can machine gun the red dummies without touching the white dummies—but it wastes a few dozen white dummies by accident. Airwolf, KITT, the A-Team, and the US Navy are all unambiguously forces for good. The one with a laser. SAB Goblin 770. Given how much I watched it as a kid, and the same is true with Manimal, I'm genuinely surprised how few episodes there were. But because she saves 2.5 people instead of just a cat, her nightmares are gone when the end credits roll. This will be fun! What he's worried about is called "Foucault's boomerang" (the philosopher Foucault, not pendulum Foucault), which posits that everything a colonial empire does overseas, it will eventually visit on its own people. Chaos 600 E. Chaos 600 N. Chaos 700E. But Blue Thunder is still early enough in the cycle to look askance at its titular sweet ride. That seems… a little low for something that should keep you in the air. Let's let this 1983 interview with Blue Thunder cinematographer John A. Alonzo (Chinatown, Scarface) in American Cinematographer do the talking for us: The helicopter eventually cast in the role after extensive research was a 1973 French five-seat executive helicopter called the Aerospatiale Gazelle. (Then they got me a gnarly Blue Thunder toy that could accommodate my GI Joe figures.). (The hero's sidekick nicknames Airwolf "the Lady." And the theme tune obvs. That's because our hero pilot/cop takes to the sky in his armored murder-copter to do battle with police cars, other choppers, and a couple F-16s. Gross. Because now that you can sit down at a computer and make thousands of spaceships out of pixels and Red Bull, the idea of building an entire franchise around one vehicle seems silly. My memory of Blue Thunder as an elementary schooler is an hour of boring adults doing boring things followed by 30 minutes that made me happier than a puppy. Aérospatiale Gazelles have been in military service since 1973 and are designed for transport, scouting, and light combat. Thunder Blade is just a generic top-scroller and rearview-scroller that has nothing to do with surveillance. While Blue Thunder ends with Murphy destroying his chopper after deciding that it might too easily be abused by Big Brother, Airwolf is a force for good. SAB Goblin 700. Yeah, you read that right. I suggested that Lee was better equipped to write this article than I was, but he just snorted and looked at me like I wasn't even worth running over with his car. MacGvyer, BUT excepting Richard Dean Anderson's second best role, what do you reckon? He accomplishes this with the copter's cutting-edge (for 1983) surveillance abilities, which include an infrared camera, a "whisper mode" that lets the chopper fly silently, and external audio pickups that are sensitive enough to hear through the walls of a skyscraper. I want to see Streethawk (yes, the fucking motorcycle) piloting Airwolf. Hawke is given license to machine gun nefarious Commies, Libyans, Mexicans, rednecks, and other sundry ne'er-do-wells week after week, kind of like a flying Knight Rider. The goal of Airwolf's mulleted men with their polos digging into their armpits wasn't to fulfill a deeply held artistic yearning—it was to be Henry Ford, cranking out content on an assembly line.

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