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Saxon tried to convince Sabine to defect out of respect for her mother, but Sabine rejected and escaped with Ezra. Full Name Sarlacc | When Sabine defied Mandalorian tradition by sparing his life, Saxon tried to kill her with his blaster but was shot dead by Ursa. He then fired a rocket out into the crowd of clone troopers and turned to block a shot with his Personal Combat Shield as he continued to fire upon the enemy with his blaster.

Sometime during the early days of the Galactic Empire, Saxon got into a rivalry with Fenn Rau, the leader of the Journeyman Protectors, a Mandalorian faction based in the Concord Dawn system. Saxon eventually used a falling elevator to damage Kryze's jet pack, with Saxon fleeing the prison by air, making his pursuer unable to follow.[13]. Mandalorians Po Nudo | When he was beaten by Sabine in single combat, Saxon demanded that she execute him in order to save him the ignominy of bowing to her. Kithaba | [17], Gar Saxon was a brutal, ruthless, and aggressive Mandalorian.

Alias Sabine rejected it however and chose to stay behind and wanted to help instigate an uprising on Mandalore to free her father and find the rightful ruler for Mandalore and its people. Before departing to combat the invaders, Saxon asked Almec if he was ready for such a large fight as they had not been in one for quite some time. Mandalorian Super Commandos | Rau said that it would be bad but, Ursa thought that the chaos would be good and necessary in rebuilding the military strength of the planet and Rau suggested that Sabine take the darksaber and succeeded Saxon as the new leader of Mandalore. Shortly thereafter, another Super Commando entered the hut with Chopper. In the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, viewers were introduced -- or, technically, reintroduced-- to one of the coolest-looking Mandalorian characters to grace the screen: Gar Saxon, a devout follower of Darth Maul.Saxon was the commander of the Sith Lord's Mandalorian army, whose members all wore black and red armor to illustrate their allegiance to Maul. Luckily, Maul made Grievous turn off the droids command signal which, in turn, allowed Saxon and his men to live another day. Before he could pull the trigger, however, Ursa delivered a blaster bolt straight into Saxon's chest. [5], After Ord Mantell, Saxon and the rest of the Shadow Collective escaped to Vizsla Keep 09, a Mandalorian supply outpost near Ord Mantell. After breaking Maul out of the Spire, Gar Saxon and the others returned to Zanbar and landed on the Death Watch Camp on the planet, which was now a Shadow Collective base. Soldiers: However, instead of executing him as was traditional of Mandalorian custom, Sabine opted to spare him, which angered Saxon. He has a very regal, upper-class look. Leaders: Mother Talzin Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi television series, How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, "Old Friends Not Forgotten" Episode Guide, Rebels Recon: Inside "Imperial Super Commandos", [3], Before the massacre could happen, however, Rau broke into the stronghold, surprising everyone and giving the Jedi their lightsabers, causing the stronghold to erupt in a fierce firefight. Cornelius Evazan | Purge Troopers | Before he could deal with Ezra however, Sabine came in, threw smoke grenades, and escaped with Ezra and Chopper. Mother Talzin | After the rise of the Empire, Saxon served as an Emperor's Hand to Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine and was the leader of the Imperial Super Commandos until his death on Krownest in 2 BBY. Tactical Droids Gar Saxon was a male Mandalorian super commando who served in the Shadow Collective under Darth Maul during the Clone Wars. [6], When Ezra feigned ignorance of the rebellion, Saxon reminded the boy that he was a seasoned Mandalorian warrior and not a fresh-faced Imperial Academy graduate. Joe: Retaliation. There is no subscription system or fixed fee to pay. Captain Canady | Zillo Beast, See Also Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. [17], Saxon was a human male[4] who had Light skin[5] and gray eyes. the Imperial Super Commandos, and Pro-Imperial Clan Wren warriors surrounded Sabine, Ezrea, and Kanan and Saxon handed the Darksaber over to Ursa. This also meant his honor was called into question, preventing him from claiming the title of Mand'alor. [9], After freeing Maul, Saxon took him to Zanbar's secret Shadow Collective base.

She then managed to kill or incapacitate another by blowing up his jetpack. Boba Fett | While this occurred, Saxon instructed Kast to shoot a missile at Secura before she defeated Maul. Find and rescue Darth Maul from Sith captivity.Defend Ord Mantell from the Separatist forces.Track down and locate the Spectre crew (all succeeded).Destroy the rebellion and other enemies of the Galactic Empire (failed). Saxon and Kast made it to the Spire and were ordered by Prime Minister Almec to break in and rescue Maul on his orders.

After the rebels attacked and destroyed an Imperial dwarf probe droid, Saxon and his men disembarked from their starship and traveled to the Protectors Camp. Kaplan | He later went on to appear in Season 7 of the 2008-2020 animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars as one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Rook Kast) of the Siege of Mandalore arc. Also, really surprised that Almec can fight and has armour. Saxon is chased by Kryze but he manages to escape. Defend Ord Mantell from the Separatist forces.Track down and locate the Spectre crew (all succeeded).Destroy the rebellion and other enemies of the Galactic Empire (failed). Pre Vizsla

Leaders: Darth Sidious | Ochi | After Maul's defeat, Saxon again swore loyalty to an outsider, this time the Empire.

Dryden Vos | Moral Event Horizon Chronological and political information As they approached a narrower part of the canyon, Saxon ordered his men to cut off their quarry by splitting up.

Zam Wesell | After Sidious showed up with Grievous and began attacking Talzin, Saxon wasn't present when Separatist forces began attacking Black Sun and Pyke Syndicate bases and resulted in both organizations pulling out and the dissolution of the Shadow Collective. Crimes Attempted MurderAbuse of PowerTerrorismTotalitarianismWar Crimes The two Mandalorians engaged in a lightsaber duel, with Saxon brutally trying to kill Sabine with the Darksaber, as well as using his blaster pistol and jetpack. You are a designer and you want to sell your 3D models optimized for 3D printing? Losing patience, Saxon grabbed "Lando" by the throat before hurling him against the wall. [3] Saxon's followers became Imperial Super Commandos, Mandalorians who served the Empire. InterGalactic Banking Clan |

Commerce Guild |

Leading the Mandalorian super commandos with a set of sharp horns protruding from his helmet, Saxon proved to be a formidable ally for the former Sith Lord. TV-94B | Saxon used Sabine's abandonment of the Empire to apply pressure on Clan Wren. Saxon commanded the Mandalorian forces along with Maul against the Separatist droid forces but suffered heavy losses and were eventually forced to retreat and escape to Ord Mantell. Shadow Collective[9]Mandalorian super commandos[9]Galactic Empire[6]Imperial Super Commando[4]

Soldiers: The Client | He later went on to appear in Season 7 of the 2008-2020 animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars as one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Rook Kast) of the Siege of Mandalore arc.

100% secure payment with PayPal or Credit Card. TX-21 | Find and rescue Darth Maul from Sith captivity.Defend Ord Mantell from the Separatist forces.Track down and locate the Spectre crew (all succeeded).Destroy the rebellion and other enemies of the Galactic Empire (failed). Imperial Officers: Emperor's Royal Guard |

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