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We will continue to chart our way forward confidently in the Singapore way, building on our distinct strengths and our Singaporean DNA. First, I will set aside $200 million for a Bicentennial Community Fund. For example, the Singapore FinTech Association has forged many partnerships with foreign FinTech associations, and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has organised Singapore's commercial participation at numerous overseas trade fairs including the 2018 China International Import Expo. Two years ago, we launched Startup SG to provide holistic support for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our investments in supporting our people in their careers, including Adapt and Grow initiatives and continuing education and training, reached more than $1.1 billion in FY2017. For example, workers aged 60 and earning $1,200 a month will now receive $4,000 per year from WIS, or almost 30 per cent of their wages. But regardless, low risk does not mean no risk. Over the past decade or so, we have significantly increased our social spending. Global growth is expected to moderate in 2019, while uncertainties and downside risks in the global economy have increased. In Budget 2017, we started the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA), one of the Committee on the Future Economy's recommendations. Over the years, our sound monetary and fiscal policies have enabled us to weather global economic crises and keep inflation stable. The two schemes supplement incomes and mitigate inequality in the working and retirement years respectively. consistent access to things like live casino games on mobile platforms. Let me now touch on other ways to help build deep enterprise capabilities. Over the years, we have done much to alleviate cost pressures - whether in healthcare, education, or day-to-day expenses. There are now over 220 venture capital deals per year in Singapore, worth close to US$4.2 billion, a significant rise from the 80 deals worth US$136 million in 2012. Today, about one in four of our workforce is aged 55 and above. Donations to Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) qualify for a 250 per cent tax deduction. I am happy that companies have responded by hiring older workers, tapping on their experiences, and supporting them in upgrading their skills. This is a generation who are even younger and healthier, and I hope that everyone will make the extra effort to stay active and healthy. We strive to nurture an ethos in our society, where we support one another, giving a helping hand where we can. This brings the total cash assistance to $1,000 a month. We will also develop stronger partnerships around the world, at the Government-to-Government and Business-to-Business levels. Our TACs, such as the SBF, have developed international linkages for our businesses. Our efforts to achieve this will build on the same three key thrusts as laid out for the broader economic transformation. To draw greater value from these trade networks, we will streamline and digitise our trade processes further to raise efficiency. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaks at a dialogue by venture capital Sequoia Capital on Feb 24, 2017. This includes supporting members in getting business advice, and improving access to local and international networks. Camp Sequoia is Sequoia Capital India's annual technology summit, and this year's event brought together over 100 leading innovators and disruptors from more than 10 countries including India, China, the United States and countries in Southeast Asia. This is our continued effort to improve the lives of our people and our future generations. It is important that the Government of the day continues to monitor the patterns and cost of healthcare utilisation, and life expectancy over the next 30 years or more, so that the Government is able to meet this commitment. Another participant asked Mr Lee how he remains honest to himself, and aware of his shortcomings, if he is surrounded by people who might constantly agree with him. One enduring issue facing all providers But the Republic is not moving quickly enough to adopt such new technologies, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said, as he called for more to be done in this area. As technology advances and AI plays an increasingly large role in our lives, society will innovate simultaneously at a continuous pace. Today, across each of the four pillars of our ITMs, different agencies provide support in each area. Singapore has made strides to position itself to be successful in an era of rapid technological change where innovation cycles have shortened.” It helps that Singapore’s culture and living standards make it easy to attract employees and partners to HPE’s business ventures here. Some are giving back by mentoring the younger generation, while others wish to continue working. This article is now fully available for you, Please verify your e-mail to read this subscriber-only article in full. We can draw in even more entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, from around the world, to explore and collaborate in technology innovation in this Fourth Industrial Revolution. At the same time, we are encouraging IPCs to reach out to more donors. Second, we will do the same for the Productivity Solutions Grant, and expand its scope to support up to 70 per cent of the out-of-pocket cost for training. While SingPass allows users to access government services, it does not extend to private-sector services or even semi-privatised hospitals, Mr Lee noted. "We hope that America, even under this administration will, in its own way, seek to deepen its links with Asia, Europe and China. As we age, the chances of having one form of disability or another rises significantly. All rights reserved. Finally, we will provide an additional participation incentive of $1,500 for MG seniors who join CareShield Life, when it becomes available for existing cohorts in 2021. Last year, we held the third edition of the Singapore FinTech Festival. This is more than two and a half times of the $360 million that we spent back in 2012. We will expand the SMEs Go Digital programme. Pickers at FairPrice distribution centre retrieving ordered items from storage bins brought to them by AutoStore robots. Casino site operators will be able to see where any flaws in the user experience exist and take action to address them without having to rely on subjective testing or having to wait for feedback from users themselves. Though technology is always pervasive in nature, the educational think-tank of Singapore has been able to take away the best and slam what could affect students and the entire education system. As a low-lying island nation, there is nowhere to hide when sea levels rise. While Google may be changing the home console space with its Stadia streaming solution, in the online casino market there will no doubt be similarly impressive deployments of the cloud to make it easier to run games on low powered devices without sacrificing quality by using the cloud as a host. The best way of protecting ourselves is to lead a healthy lifestyle, and take preventive actions. Second, I will introduce a $1.1 billion Bicentennial Bonus. Based on evidence on the pace of foreign worker inflows, and the progress being made in raising productivity across sectors, we need to calibrate our policies. This is provided that they still face a shortage after having given fair consideration to Singaporeans. As more Singaporeans enter their senior years, healthcare needs will grow. But let me emphasise that supporting companies and supporting workers are mutually reinforcing - stronger companies provide better jobs and pay for workers, and highly skilled workers make companies stronger. We have also enhanced our one-stop platform,, to better match donors and volunteers with meaningful causes. As our home, and a global node, our city has to be well-connected within and with the world. As part of the CIP, it will catalyse investment in Singapore-based SMEs that are ready to scale up. It has already won 14 awards at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in the US. We will raise the cash assistance rates for this scheme. But our ultimate goal is to enable our people to continue to have good jobs and opportunities, and to be at their best. We will continue to help our SMEs adopt digital technologies: We launched the SMEs Go Digital programme in Budget 2017. This is good news. To enhance access, we will make it more affordable to consult doctors in our neighbourhoods. We pay particular attention to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, to give them a good start in life.

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October 27, 2020

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