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“Every Morgan is built to an exacting specification and is bespoke to each customer; their personality is displayed in every detail. The Aero 8 has very unique, but also very traditional styling, and the sound of the big V8’s exhaust through the pair of side pipes attracts the curiosity of a lot of motorists who question you at stoplights. I would have had to convert the car to run on propane gas or something. The seats and the entryway boards come wrapped in fine cowhide that can be requested in a wide exhibit of hues and completions. The interior is hand-finished with a series of painted stitching and pinstripe accents, and an extended choice of wood options. The vicinity of the recent is somewhat astonishing, as the teaser photographs recommended the Aero 8 will highlight side-mounted fumes. Not only was it the first new design since 1948, but the Aero 8 was also the company’s first vehicle to use an aluminum chassis and frame instead of its traditional wooden body tun and steel chassis combo. I told the driver that I liked his “Bimmer-powered Brit,” and he seemed a little surprised by the fact that a random thumbs-upper knew the car. Available to view now at our London showrooms. The classic bumper was replaced by the most aggressive diffuser ever seen on a Morgan with four independent wings and a trapezoidal grille in the middle. The Aero GT model add a race-inspired twist to all of the above to mark the end of the nameplate. [email protected], ©2020 HEXAGON CLASSICS. The striking body panels of the Aero GT have been sculpted in such a way to ensure that tension and elegance is expressed in each line. Standard Colours. Built for the asphalt. All rights reserved. Steering Wheel. I have had the engine management chip remapped to generate around 375bhp, which is an improvement of about 50bhp. Your ride quality is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we store only premium Morgan Aero 8 interior accessories from the top-of-the-line brands in the industry. Aston Martin Undeniably a Morgan, but with a modern twist, which means it will steal the attention away from just about any other car on the road. An unusual colour palette of teal and cream makes for a gentle and dignified specification. With production of the Aero 8 slated to come to an end this year, Morgan will close the production line with eight examples of the Aero GT. Each example will be individually tailored to its owner so we should see a few interesting vehicles leave the factory. New canards were added to the lower bumper, while the front end was lowered closer to the ground. This element alone reduces air pressure from beneath the vehicle, which increases rear-end downforce. Unlike other limited-edition models from Morgan, the Aero GT is more than just a regular Aero with mild improvements. Just a beautiful car and wicked performance. Steve Morris, Managing Director said: “One of our greatest strengths as a brand is our ability to be responsive and create a hand-built car which is truly bespoke to each customer. Top speed is limited to 155 mph. There were only 350 second series Morgan Aero 8s built, and only 60 were delivered to the US, so it is a pretty rare car here even amongst the enthusiast crowd. The "love it or hate it" design and the very limited production run keep it in a niche of its own, while the expensive sticker turns it into more of an occasional toy than a daily driver. Useful articles fast to read and guides easy to understand written by mechanics and car enthusiasts to turn your shopping experience with CARiD into a pleasure. Buying a dress or shirt? The rarity factor was certainly part of that character, seeing as the factory was only producing three or four Plus 8s a week back then, and if I recall, there was a roughly two-year waiting list to get one. On the inside, the new Morgan Aero 8 receives a modified dash layout, new full-wood trim, and modified gauges. There are few places more beautiful than the Cotswolds in the snow. This Light and comfortable interior is a very pleasant place to be. However, I had the car worked on by a well-known Morgan tuner and racing enthusiast, Colin Musgrove, and he boosted the horsepower to 225 by way of an Offenhauser inlet manifold, a four-barrel Holley carburetor, and a straight-through exhaust, among some other tweaks. A highly modified Morgan Aero 8 competed in and finished the 24 Hour Le Mans in both 2002 and 2004, so I’m curious to see what the road-going car can do on a proper circuit, however there’s the other side of me doesn’t want to put too much unnecessary wear and tear on a car that is still pretty mint. BMW stopped using it in 2010, which makes Morgan the last carmaker to still offer it in its vehicle. A big vent was carved into the lower front fenders, like seen on the GT3 race car. As I drew level with the driver down the road, I saw that it was Jamie Foxx of all people, who yelled out over the din of the exhausts, “What the heck is that thing?”. The mill is rated at 503 ponies and 461 pound-feet of torque and mates to a six-speed automatic transmission, enabling the coupe to hit 62 mph from a standing start in 4.6 seconds. The roadster got a somewhat re-examined front guard with a reshaped admission underneath the trademark grille, while the back sash picked up a diffuser-like piece and a couple of round fumes outlets. Almost all of these manufacturers now create modern cars on a volume basis or else have disappeared altogether. The knob at the end of your gearshift lever probably isn't something that most people notice when getting into your vehicle.

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October 27, 2020

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