playalinda beach rocket launch

And so you wake up waaaaay before dawn, and you cruise through deserted early-a.m. Titusville and over the Max Brewer Bridge. And when you decide to make the journey for yourself... we will be here to lend a helping hand, and welcome you home. Hope to hear from you soon! As of the date of this post, COVID-19 remains very much a Thing: people are still dying, there is still no vaccine, and the latest reports indicate that people who’ve contracted COVID-19 and recovered are not immune from catching it again. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has been closed as of Monday, March 16th. Short time later, we were in Titusville having breakfast and a waitress told me they saw the whole launch from Titusville and it was spectacular. What a beautiful beach! Removing one star because it is within a National Park and the ranger at the booth was one of the rudest people we have ever met. Playalinda is a great option for viewing launches from LC-39A and SLC-41; it’s also a lovely beach. There is a parking fee of $20 for 7 days of beach access (or free with a National Parks pass). Your friendly guide to rocket launch viewing and space tourism in the Titusville & Cape Canaveral, Florida area. still being built, but nevertheless currently live and offering t-shirts and other things for sale. But beware - don't go to Playalinda if there is any type of fog in the area and the launch is early AM. read more. you might be there til morning. ULA AEHF-6 will be launching on on an Atlas V from SLC-41, another northern launch pad. Playalinda is a great option for viewing launches from LC-39A and SLC-41; it’s also a lovely beach. Most beachside parking in Cocoa Beach remains closed. And why shouldn’t he? And guess what’s north of SpaceX’s launch pads? Launch Rats accepts no advertising and generates no income (while still costing money to keep the site up and running) so every little bit helps! $20 per car will cover parking for 7 days. read more, Great beach and clearly a favorite. Today, that road block didn't exist and I was shocked to be allowed into the Seashore for the first time ever during a SpaceX launch at 39A. Currently, the weather forecast from the 45th Space Wing Weather Squadron predicts an 80% chance of favorable weather. Gates open at 6 a.m. daily at this time of year. And you wait, and you wait, and you hope it doesn’t scrub (again). You park, and you watch all the photographers unload their equipment and gear up for the mile-long walk back toward the pad, down the beach in the dead of night, toward the glow of the rocket waiting to launch. KARS Park, Merritt Island: We have absolutely no information on whether this location has been open and allowing launch viewing; if you know anything, please drop us a line. We will have the Keep an eye on ULA’s Twitter account for further updates about the webcast and the launch! I’m happy to help, and generally respond to inquiries within two hours or less of receipt. Launch Rats welcomes new submissions! This location is 7.5 miles from the launch pad, and viewing of the launch will be obstructed at ground level by the treeline – but the atmosphere provided by Kennedy Space Center provides a fitting backdrop to such a momentous occasion. Y’know how it is when you watch a movie, or a launch webcast, and everything’s so BIG, and so CLOSE, and it’s RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE… And then you go watch a launch in person, and you’re miles away, and it’s still amazing, but… you want it to be bigger, brighter, more? Florida, as a state, is largely fueled by tourist dollars, and so there is a concern that by urging people to stay away, our economy will be (is being) negatively impacted. Remember: Rocket launches often slip to later dates, and can scrub and require rescheduling at any time up to the moment of launch! Even at the farthest end of the lot 13 area of the beach you can see the tall lightning rods of NASA’s launch pads. What this means, in a nutshell, is that the areas that remain open to the public for launch viewing will be even more crowded, with locals and visitors who choose not to heed common-sense cautions. We’ll have a better write-up on this hotel in the near future, but in the meantime, do have a look at their website at We believe that everyone should witness a rocket launch (or two, or ten, or fifty) with their own eyes and ears, and we are here to help make that happen for YOU. We made that mistake and regretted it. Playalinda Beach: is now open for its regular summer hours, 6 am to 8 pm daily. Jetty Park, Exploration Tower and Playalinda Beach are closed until further notice. You see the flare of light as the engines ignite, and bare moments later you hear them come alive, the moment of ignition clear and sharp – and then the rocket rises and heads toward you – and the roar of the engine grows and grows, filling your ears, setting off car alarms: exactly the way you hoped it would be, the first time you saw a launch from far too many miles away. The first known case of COVID-19 in Brevard County was identified on March 16th, which makes it even more imperative that all of us take suitable precautions to help avoid transmission of this virus to others. We’ll have more info as it becomes available! The viewing stands at SR-401, to the best of my knowledge, will be unavailable. Exploration Tower: is currently open from 10 am to 5 pm daily, ground floor gift shop and 7th floor observation deck only (masks required) but has not been offering launch viewing recently. Enjoy! This is about the launches themselves. Jetty Park and Observation Tower remain closed until further notice. $20 per car will cover parking for 7 days. Folks. The fog doesn't clear off the beach in time for the launch so you can't see the launch, just hear it. The next two launches coming up on the Space Coast will be SpaceX’s Starlink 5 launch, currently set for Wednesday, March 18th at 8:16 am EDT, and United Launch Alliance’s AEHF-6 launch on Thursday, March 26th at 2:57 pm EDT with a 2-hour launch window. If you have content you'd like to share with us - photos, artwork, launch experiences or other space- or rocket-related material - talk to Wayward on the Launch Rats Discord, on Twitter at @WaywardPlane, via the Contact Form. Meanwhile, we’re using this enforced down-time to make some changes to Launch Rats, both behind the scenes and on the site. IMPORTANT NOTE: Road closure information has been released for the Starlink launch: roads to Playalinda Beach (SR-406 from the west, SR-3N from the north) will be closed at 8:25 am on launch day, or whenever Playalinda parking reaches max capacity. By the time people start getting sick from their launch viewing trips, they will be back in their home cities and towns, and their illnesses will not be Florida’s problem. This is how all launches at Pad 39A have been in the past. Jetty Park is absolutely the best place to be for the SpaceX launches with booster returns at LZ-1. Purchase tickets at the Gray Line Orlando site (click here! Too bad we missed it. Let’s talk about Starlink at Playalinda. Wonderfully, perfectly loud. The fog doesn't clear off the beach in time for the launch so you can't see the launch, just hear it. We will continue to post upcoming launches and webcast viewing information in as timely a manner as possible. Pack a lunch as the drive in is pretty long and there isn’t anything around. Their YouTube channel can be found here. ), (Tickets are ON SALE NOW, get ’em while they last!). These are the voices that want you to stay safe. For those visitors who want to stay isolated while launch viewing, or for whom mobility or Florida’s excessive heat are a concern, this could be an excellent solution. The faintest light of imminent dawn begins to illuminate the horizon, spreading into yet another glorious Playalinda sunrise; you spray yet another layer of bug spray onto your skin, slap at the bugs who still don’t get the message, sip your coffee. Special thanks to @Delta_IV_Heavy, @FalconGridFin, and JohnEric for their significant contributions (past and present) to the operation of this site. very much worth a visit. But the fact that this is a historic launch does not change the fact that the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 in crowds is as great as it ever was. Totally beautiful a must see! All Rights Reserved.Business/Media Inquiries: [email protected] Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site.

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October 27, 2020

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