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is hit and miss however. … War is not a fun thing; it's not something that should be celebrated. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. As I said, Spec Ops has fairly standard gameplay. As time went on, it almost crossed into the surreal. Instead, the game relies on a vibrant pallete of reds, purples, blues, golds, and greens. Rather, Spec Ops' standard third-person gameplay serves as a setup to the next cutscene, where Walker and his squad question the very actions that just took place. I played through once, and will now find someone to donate it to or swap with. Matt Liebl-June 26, 2012. Where as in singleplayer you are fighting for a reason — or so you think — there really is no reason in multiplayer. They make war seem fun and exciting, without really exploring the toll it takes on you not just physically, but mentally. If the player is pinned down and needs to move to another piece of cover, unless they hit the A button exactly the right point, they run the risk of Walker attacking it with the butt of his gun, while enemies pepper them with bullets. Walker, along with his two squadmates Lugo and Adams, soon discover that things in Dubai are not what they seem, and that the very men sent in to keep the region stable has abandoned their duty. Are you a monster? Instead of putting in a half-baked simple action focused plot, The Line takes inspiration from "Heart of Darkness" and its movie adaptation "Apocalypse Now" to tell an extremely dark, morally grey story that shows how brutal and unforgiving war can actually be. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I went in to the game knowing there was going to be some decisions I would have to make. 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One minute, Walker and his men are wading through a mass grave, knee deep in charred corpses. The game's opening salvo unfolds in mere minutes and this set-up is typical of the drum-tight pacing of the game's plot. The contemporary trappings of the soldiers and the high-octane feel of the scene immediately recall the CoD: Modern Warfare games, but a closer inspections reveals something else; the back and forth between the player's character and his AI pilot ally sounds strained and cracked – a million miles away from the professional zeal of CoD's soldiers. Instead, Yager is aiming for grittier territory in Spec Ops: The Line, which forgoes the usual machismo of a game of this type for something far darker; Apocalypse Now – and, by extension, Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness – looms large over the proceedings. Unlike most games where your squad is just there for look, Lugo and Adams deserve an award for their intelligence and capability. Civilians, CIA, The Damned 33rd, and now the Deltas are all fighting for their lives. This is really a great game,now the seller did great and disc in good condition, Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2017, Exciting beginning to end. You won't feel like a hero at the end of each firefight; instead, you will feel like a monster who slaughtered dozens of people just trying to survive. As with all shooters these days, Spec Ops: The Line does have a multiplayer component, but as I said, story is the major draw to this game. The A.I. is competent for the most part. As Walker and his men head into Dubai, they soon become aware that something very disturbing has taken place in the wake of Konrad's arrival in the city. Another questionable decision was having vault be the same button as the melee attack. It may be the case that players will do better against human opponents in the game's multiplayer mode, but I can't confirm it at the time of this writing. That was some time ago and it turns out that that US high command hasn't heard from the 33rd, or its commander, Colonel Konrad, in quite some time. Despite the desert locale of Dubai, Spec Ops refrains from the traditional "brown military shooter." Dubai, it turns out, is in ruins after a cataclysmic sandstorm demolished a lot of the city, and cut it off from the outside world. The game-play itself though is pretty standard. The rock music of the early game, similar to something you'd hear in Vietnam, quickly fades into somber acoustic melodies as the Delta crew begins to lose control of the situation and their sanity. I won't spoil the ending, but it was a good shooter with a good story. Overall, whether you're a fan of shooters or not, I say check this game out. Executions performed to enemies get more gory and Walker increasingly violent to the point where he's just shouting obsenities in each encounter. Most of today's shooter games have that macho-man, Americans saving the world mentality. You are fighting in mulitiplayer to unlock new weapons, perks, and gear. Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2013. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. This page works best with JavaScript. The one setback to Spec Ops beauty is that it makes you want to explore more, which is disheartening given the games major linearity. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Enemy A.I. While many games rely on action gameplay as a crutch to aid the story, Spec Ops does the complete opposite. Spec Ops: The Line Review There are games, and there are games that make you feel like a complete asshole. For those who loves action games this one is a good choise. I had seen this game advertised on "Watch Mojo.com" 's youtube page. Story is Spec Ops' strongest aspect. What starts off as a few moral dilemmas quickly escalates into you second guessing each of your decisions — decisions that at the beginning of the game seem so easy and simple — and rethinking your morals. Mapping the melee attack to the same button used for a wall-vaulting action was also a bad idea, due to the fact that Walker can only vault over certain pieces of cover, and only then at certain points. What starts off as a standard search and rescue in the sand-blasted lands of Dubai quickly unravels into a downward spiral that not only has you questioning why you are there, but who you are fighting for… or who you're fighting against… or why you're even there in the first place… or what the hell is going on? Only about 8 hours long though, Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2013. The player controls a soldier firing a chaingun from the door of a chopper as enemy copters swarm and buzz the vehicle. Are you just some killing monster or will your actions throughout the game be justified…? Very solid game. Spec Ops: The Line won't make you feel like a hero. These signs of order breaking down in the city soon give way to scenes of abject trauma, testing the resolve of Walker and his men, whose core relationship soon begins to crack under the strain of what they're seeing around them. Spec Ops The Line is definitely a shooter unlike most that have come out recently. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Spec Ops: The Line addresses that quite well; it's not about defeating some evil being, but about exploring the various aspects of war and the effects it can have on you. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Some set-pieces take place in environments where enemies have multiple pieces of … These, of course, are just me nitpicking an otherwise solid gameplay experience. Aside from getting the achievements for using different weapons try to hold on to your main gun, the M4A1. It's there if you enjoy multiplayer, and it's a standard for many of today's shooters, but the real fun is in the campaign. Hitting A slides Walker into cover, and moving the thumbstick changes his position while he hugs the wall, but the slightest movement away from cover and Walker stands bolt upright. Unlike other shooters featuring the modern military, the game's story takes few cues from contemporary action cinema, the odd epic gun battle notwithstanding. La caja un poco dañada, pero el juego bien, se puede jugar, como recomendacion deberian tener mas cuidado con las cajas, por un tema de presentacion. There were a some emotional moments and dramatic effect. That's not to say multiplayer is awful, but it pales in comparison to the compelling campaign. It's a third person cover based shooter in which you pop in out of cover to shoot enemies.

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