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Let's hope it's a one-off. Well, at least this saves my credit for Fire Emblem Fates and maybe Dragon Quest 8 if it comes to the west next year. Tri Force Heroes presents a different challenge whether you are playing the game cooperatively with two other friends, or if you are playing by yourself. @Caryslan I haven't gotten my copy of LBW in the mail yet, but I have always been a fan of the top-down Zelda games (SNES and forward) but I totally agree with you that a true unique 3D Zelda on 3DS would be the smart money. That said, I'll give the demo a try. whenever nintendo tries something new its bad now. I'm not surprised this game sucks. Do you use the touch screen to move like on the DS Zelda games? Not including a solid single player was a bad move. For Nintendo, who usually pride themselves of implementing excellent single player experiences in multi-player games, is very disappointing. It really would have been nice if more thought was given to the single player. @HMNIM No saves allowed for download play though. You'll Soon Be Able To Invert The Camera Controls In Supe... Best Cheap Nintendo Switch Games - Switch eShop Deals (Eu... Looks Like We're Getting Another Pokémon App This Year. I loved ALBW, even if some elements were a bit of rehash. It's really a shame with Nintendo games from E3 this year. Your best option is to make some new friends or go back and replay A Link Between Worlds or A Link to the Past. Well, at least we get Mario Maker and Yoshi's Woolly World. Yeah, Nintendo just lost a sale. I don't know what happened lately, but Nintendo shows an increasing sloppiness for singleplayer in multiplayer-centric games. It's kind of like the gameplay in the Lego Batman games, switching back and forth with different characters, without the AI which was terrible in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Here are our thoughts on the single-player portion. I think that this title would've worked better as a eShop download game rather than a 'full retail game'. Also, can you turn into a painting in this game? They look good, but the gameplay is terrible. @AtlanteanMan To be fair, you only require three 3DSs and only ONE copy of the game, as this game support download play. Of course, there'll be preferences or occasions where solo play is the only way to go, and so far we've not been been overly pleased with how it works. The Zelda series is best known for being an epic single-player experience, but in a few cases, the single-player is more of a perfunctory option. So, in the spirit of the game, we’re splitting up our review into three chunks over the next few days. The fact it says "X person got a heart" every time they get one would really annoy me... Plus, the single player looks tedious enough... not sure if this Zelda game will click for me. As others have said, it looks incredibly tedious and dare I say awkward. It's looking that way. ™ and © for all products, characters, and indicia related thereto which are contained herein are owned by the companies who market or license those products. This Web site is not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwise affiliated with Nintendo. Multiplayer in Zelda games is a niche idea I feel, and is better left as a bonus on the title screen, like LttP&4S on GBA. Why can we not get a brand new 3D Zelda built from the ground up for the Nintendo 3DS? A few bosses are also reliant on a player baiting the foe so the other two can attack. I can definitely see me and two of my friends going through dungeons together. This is a baffling design choice, which is even more peculiar given the far superior implementation of solo play in Four Swords, in which you could place doppelgangers, they would follow you or you could whistle them so they're next to you in an instant. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is the eighteenth main installment of The Legend of Zelda series. 2015 might be the worst year for Nintendo games yet. Solving puzzles is still rewarding, but most of the time, I’d realize what had to be done and then have to painstakingly execute it by switching between the trio. But I don't understand why they would basically force you to use multiplayer to get some enjoyment out of this. I miss the game link cables so much. The game released on October 23rd for North America and Europe. This sounds like single player was a complete afterthought. Get focus and make great games, don't be like Apple after Steve Job died. I usually get every Zelda (even Hyrule Warriors AND THAT'S NOT EVEN A ZELDA), I don't even have think about it. I did not care much for A Link Between Worlds, and this game just looks lame especially if you want to play it solo. This actually doesn't look too bad to me. They much rather keep developing New 3D Zelda's for the home-consoles, it seems. Not for me at all, at least I've still got the fantastic GBC Zelda games to enjoy! It's even more difficult to find friends with A) 3DSes and B) copies of the same game than it would be simply to do multiplayer co-op on console (and remember, Four Swords tried to make consumers buy extra GameBoy Advances for each extra player). It's Been Three Years Since We First Embarked On A Super ... Random: Crash Bandicoot 4 Dev Has A Cult Classic N64 Game... Join 1,059,342 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Hosted by 44 Bytes. This game will fail for the same reason Four Swords Adventures never caught on. I'll give the online demo a trial when it's live, but since I don't really have anyone to play the game with and I'm not a fan of playing with randoms, I'll probably end up passing on the game. Most multi-cart 3DS multiplayer games are a pain to play locally. It was revealed during E3 2015 on June 16.67 1 … The idea of the other two Links remaining stationary (and unresponsive to the world around them) when not under player control suggests a great amount of repetitive switching in order to complete even the most basic of tasks. I don't have any friends and I had a blast playing the online demo. A notable design choice in the game is that you play with two motionless doppels, requiring you to manually toggle between your three heroes with the touch screen. Following in the shoes of Four Swords and the Nintendo Land mini-game Zelda: Battle Quest, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes features a less compelling single-player component that while rife with beautiful music and clever writing, boils down to tedious, drawn-out puzzles as you frantically switch between three heroes in a series of puzzle-focused levels. the games menual states you can play with 2 people and get the third one online. A link between world's was pretty good if a not so subtle remake of the snes game. This does not look like fun to me. That's a confirmed drop for me. Total comments: 9. I'm a massive Zelda fan, but I guess I'll have to skip this as single player doesn't look that good. Single player doesn't look too exciting but I'm getting this for multiplayer. Looks more like a zelda game, for people who don't play zelda games. "After playing OOT and Majora's Mask 3D, I have one simple question. @rushiosan you can play the game all together via one cart. This was what I was worried about and with the confirmed region locking on multiplayer, this is a definite skip as Mario Tennis Open was dead online. Well this looks a bit rubbish to be honest, I love Zelda games but it seems Nintendo don't anymore. One thing is to encourage multiplayer but this is forcing it! This just might be the first game in the history of the series that I have virtually zero interest in.That makes me sad. Moments crop up every so often where you essentially need two characters to do things simultaneously, which you just can’t do in single-player. @Nomad I don't know, I loved Lost Vikings but that was a finely crafted single player experience that relies on switching characters. However, since the characters don’t move when not controlled, you often have to laboriously switch between each one to move them to different parts of the level. To progress through each level (which are the same as in the multiplayer), you have to switch between each character and get all three to the finish. I think it looks fun, but I will be buying for the Download Play. If only the stamina wasn't shared by the 3 "Links" in solo gameplay. by Neal Ronaghan - October 21, 2015, 7:03 am PDT Total comments: 9 @mjc0961 this is wrong. ... And even with the Anniversary Edition being offered for free twice, it was hard to find people. Most of my friends will not be getting this game, so thank goodness for the download play option. I'm getting this Zelda, anyway. Get Discounts On Zelda, Detective Pikachu And More In The Latest My Nintendo Rewards (Europe), Video: This is How Single Player Works in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes,

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