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Moon, NASA's SOFIA Discovers Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon, NASA to Announce New Science Results About Moon, Earth and Moon Once Shared a Magnetic Shield, Protecting Their Atmospheres, Celebrate Virtual International Observe the Moon Night with NASA Goddard, Take a Trip to the Moon — and an Artemis Launch — with the Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest, International Observe the Moon Night Webinar, The Moon Is Rusting, and Researchers Want to Know Why, Houston We Have a Podcast: Moon Deliveries, Laser Beams Reflected Between Earth and Moon Boost Science, Hubble Uses Earth as a Proxy for Identifying Oxygen on Potentially Habitable Planets Around Other Stars, Spacesuits and Tools for Exploring the Moon, Radar Points to Moon Being More Metallic Than Researchers Thought, NASA Spacecraft Helps Identify Solar Radiation Patterns That Expose the Moon, NASA CubeSat Will Shine a Laser Light on the Moon's Darkest Craters. NASA and Nokia have teamed up and planned to set up a 4G network on the Moon … Andrea Jones, Caela Barry, Tracy Vogel The space agency takes you around parts of the moon for over a minute as music plays in the background. LRO launched aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on June 18, 2009. NASA will announce a new discovery about the Moon at a media teleconference at 12 p.m. EDT Monday, Oct. 26. Posted by: Soderman/NLSI Staff This discovery indicates that water may be distributed across the lunar surface, and not limited to cold, shadowed places. NASA Official: Molly Wasser Taking advantage of a total lunar eclipse, astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have detected ozone in Earth's atmosphere. NASA's got you covered. See it here. Videos Image Use; Privacy; Feedback; NASA Solar System Exploration; NASA Planetary Science While our Moon is airless, research indicates the presence of a form of rust that normally requires oxygen and water. The contest, open to U.S. students in grades K-12, challenges participants to imagine leading a one-week expedition to the Moon’s South Pole. Several interesting locations include: Orientale Basin, Shackleton crater, South Pole-Aitken Basin, Tycho crater, Aristarchus Plateau, Mare Serenitatis, Compton-Belkovich … The ancient Moon’s magnetic field may have helped our planet to become habitable.

An astronaut exploring the space tweets his selfies with the rover. These things will soon turn from imagination to reality. And then you see Earth. NASA is seeking ideas from the public for powering exploration on the Moon. Provides a photographic map of the equatorial region of the satellite with pan and zoom capability, showing locations of the Apollo landings. NASA also has to ensure the surface vehicles and suits have the mobility required to do science, and that astronauts have the tools they need to identify and scoop up rock and soil samples. Beginning on the near side of the Moon, with the Apollo sites marked, the view quickly moves to the South Pole and zooms in to show the changing illumination conditions there for an entire year. Vi Nguyen. Updated 2226 GMT (0626 HKT) February 25, 2020. The three-man crew successfully circled the moon and returned safely to Earth. NASA's Lunar Flashlight aims to detect ice at the bottom of craters on the Moon that have never seen sunlight. They made the video in 4K resolution using data from the. What started out as a hunt for ice lurking in polar lunar craters turned into an unexpected finding that could help scientists better understand the Moon’s formation. This site is maintained by the Public Engagement Team at, Everything You Need to Know About the Halloween (Boo!) In the fall of 2011, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission released its original Tour of the Moon, a five-minute animation that takes the viewer on a virtual tour of our nearest neighbor in space.Six years later, the tour has been recreated in eye-popping 4K resolution, using the same camera path and drawing from the vastly expanded data trove collected by LRO in the intervening years. That's where the video starts. Lori Glaze LRO is managed by NASA Goddard for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The video “Tour of the Moon” takes viewers on a breathtaking journey across the moon’s surface. Apollo 13 astronauts, John Swigert, Fred Haise and James Lovell planned to land on the moon when they. Producer: An astronaut posts beautiful shots of the Moon from space and streams videos in vacuum. Several interesting locations include: Orientale Basin, Shackleton crater, South Pole-Aitken Basin, Tycho crater, Aristarchus Plateau, Mare Serenitatis, Compton-Belkovich volcano, Jackson crater and Tsiolkovsky crater. Dozens of times over the last decade, NASA scientists and collaborators have launched laser beams at a reflector the size of a paperback novel orbiting the Moon. A microwave oven–sized CubeSat will serve as the first spacecraft to test a unique, elliptical lunar orbit, paving the way for humanity's future on and around the Moon. The lunar "dust" is made mostly of tiny jagged fragments of volcanic glass. This video, from the Kurdistan Planetarium in the U.K., shows the sun rising as seen from the moon's surface and setting two weeks later. Graphics: New designs could help future explorers to answer nature’s call on missions to the Moon. (CNN)Have you ever wanted to see what the Apollo 13 astronauts saw? New space video from NASA shows the dark side of the moon in high definition, as Apollo 13 astronauts would have seen it in 1970.

Content Development: It's been slightly sped up to save us all a little time. This week’s full Moon will deliver more than just Halloween ambience. The video “Tour of the Moon” takes viewers on a breathtaking journey across the moon’s surface. We want to know: what would you pack for a trip to the Moon? Learn how you can host an International Observe the Moon Night event in this NASA Night Sky Network webinar recording. Today they announced that they have received a return signal for the first time. NASA said the astronauts were in darkness for eight minutes when they were between earthset and sunrise until the lunar terrain emerged. The public is invited to virtually attend NASA’s International Observe the Moon Night event on Saturday, September 26.

Which way the wind blows in space has new importance for astronaut safety at the Moon. See the moon from the perspective of Apollo 13 astronauts. The Chicxulub crater likely looked like the Schrödinger basin on the Moon. Preparing to explore the surface of the Moon goes well beyond designing and building safe spacecraft and spacesuits. NASA has released a video of the moon from the point of view of Apollo 13 astronauts. They made the video using data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a NASA robotic spacecraft orbiting the moon. The video ends by showing the trajectory the astronauts took around the moon to get home safely. This video was made in honor of the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s (LRO) first 1,000 days in orbit by a team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Md. NASA says this is when Apollo 13 reestablished radio contact with Mission Control. Source: NASA GSFC, Scientists Use the Moon to Study a Dinosaur Killer. Chris Culbert and Camille Alleyne explain how NASA will use commercially built and operated landers from American companies to send payloads to the surface of the Moon.

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