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The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) is a NASA observatory designed to perform wide-field imaging and surveys of the near-infrared sky. NASA has announced that the WFIRST mission will now be known as the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. December 19, 2011, By: Monica Young Roman is well known among the astronomy community for her leadership role in the development and launch of the iconic Hubble Space Telescope. The telescope will work in concert with the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), which is searching for transiting exoplanets around nearby stars. The Roman Space Telescope will orbit the L2 Earth-Sun point 750,000 miles beyond Earth’s Moon in a quasi-halo orbit. Naming the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope after a pioneer who knew those battles well is fitting for the next space observatory. But then again, with the current ongoing worldwide pandemic bringing many businesses and agencies to a standstill, these are odd times for everyone, space and astronomy included. Call for Letters of Application for Membership on the Science Definition Team for the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), October 19, 2010 NASA Announcement ID: NNH11ZDA007LThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) invites scientists, technologists, and other qualified and interested individuals at U.S. institutions and elsewhere to apply for membership on the Science Definition Team (SDT) for the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST). Under her leadership, NASA launched its first orbiting astronomical observatories in the late 1960s and early 1970s — the forerunners to the Hubble Space Telescope. Email: rita.m.sambruna Astrophysics Division - Science Mission Directorate NASA Headquarters Copyright ©2020 AAS Sky Publishing LLC. Of course, this budget proposal has to make its way through Congress, and most budgets go through several rounds of revision prior to final approval. WFIRST will address two of the most fundamental questions in astrophysics: Why is the expansion rate of the universe accelerating? Each Letter is to be limited to two pages, with 11-pt font and 1-inch margins. WFIRST will address two of the most fundamental questions in astrophysics: Why is the expansion rate of the universe accelerating? The observatory will host the 288-megapixel Wide-Field Instrument (WFI). . The Letter should also contain a statement of how much time the applicant will have over the next two years for activities related to the WFIRST SDT, particularly if there are any major constraints that may restrict full engagement in the significant amount of work that will be required to define the scientific and investigation approach to the WFIRST mission, NASA’s charge to the SDT will be to provide science requirements, investigation approaches, key mission parameters, and any other scientific inputs needed to support the design of an optimized space mission concept satisfying the overall goals of the WFIRST mission as outlined by the Astro2010 Decadal Survey. All travel expenses to meetings will be reimbursed, All meetings of the WFIRST SDT will be open, all reports and other output of the WFIRST SDT will be made publically available, and the WFIRST SDT will be disbanded prior to any future Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for participation in the WFIRST mission, including provision of instrumentation Membership in the SDT will be determined by NASA after review of Letters solicited by this Call. The Roman Space Telescope has a 2.4m telescope, the same size as Hubble’s, but with a view 100 times greater than Hubble’s. Certainly, it's an honor that was long overdue: This is the first space telescope to honor a woman in the field. (You can unsubscribe anytime). May 21, 2020 Justification for conducting the WFIRST investigations from space and an assessment of how such investigations will complement existing and planned domestic and international ground and space facilities will be included in the SDT’s report, The WFIRST SDT will develop findings for NASA that can be used to help assure the optimum scientific return from WFIRST and, in particular, to ensure preparedness for beginning formal formulation and development of the mission. How do Earth, the planets, and the heliosphere respond? First Light from the World's Largest Solar Telescope. As envisaged by the Astro2010 Decadal Study, WFIRST will be a 1.5-meter-class wide-field-of-view near-infrared-imaging and low-resolution-spectroscopy space telescope. Letter applications submitted by e-mail are preferred, but may also be submitted by regular mail or fax. NASA’s next flagship space observatory is named after a pioneering NASA astronomer. It will investigate long-standing astronomical mysteries, such as the force behind the universe’s expansion, and search for distant planets beyond our solar system. January 29, 2020, By: Tony Flanders Any costs incurred by prospective investigators in preparing submissions in response to this Call are incurred completely at the submitter's own risk. NASA has announced that the WFIRST mission will now be known as the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. To search for exoplanets, it will monitor a large sample of stars in the central bulge of the Milky Way for small deviations in brightness due to microlensing by intervening stars and their associated planetary systems. “It is because of Nancy Grace Roman’s leadership and vision that NASA became a pioneer in astrophysics and launched Hubble, the world’s most powerful and productive space telescope,” says NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine. Even with the gift of a free mirror, the Roman Space Telescope has been an on-again, off-again affair. Responses to this invitation should be received by the WFIRST Program Scientist no later than November 23, 2010, at the following address, Dr. Rita Sambruna Most likely, it will be a commercial carrier, such as SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy or United Launch Alliance’s next-generation Vulcan Centaur rocket. Nearly every astronomical space mission has fought a rocky budget battle to reach the launch pad and see first light. A March press release from NASA notes that the current administration will not proceed with a future space telescope until JWST is in space and operational. Sky & Telescope is part of AAS Sky Publishing, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Astronomical Society. “I can think of no better name for WFIRST, which will be the successor to NASA’s Hubble and Webb telescopes.”. The Roman Space Telescope will be a dedicated infrared survey mission, following in the footsteps of the WISE and Spitzer space telescopes. Approximately 12-15 SDT members and the SDT Chair will be selected from among the respondents. And are there other solar systems like ours, with worlds like Earth? NASA’s associate administrator for science Thomas Zurbuchen made the announcement during a live telecast on Wednesday, May 20th. Mail Suite 3Y28 Sky & Telescope, Night Sky, and are registered trademarks of AAS Sky Publishing LLC. She also played a key role in the development of the joint NASA/European Space Agency International Ultraviolet Explorer and the Cosmic Background Explorer. All rights reserved. A draft charter will be discussed at a public teleconference of the Astrophysics Subcommittee of the NASA Advisory Council on October 29, 2010; those interested in listening to the Astrophysics Subcommittee’s public teleconference should contact Dr. Hashima Hasan for information (202-358-0692).

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