when is operation shadow legacy coming out on ps4

Test Zero and his Argus Launcher and get your eyes where you are not supposed to see. This page provides Ubisoft. PC: 9:00 EDT/13:00 UTC XB1: 10:00 EDT/14:00 UTC PS4: 11:00 EDT/15:00 UTC Downtime: 1 Hour Per Platform. NEW OPERATOR + MAP REWORK + NEW BATTLE … Operation Shadow Legacy Year 5 Season 3. Rainbow Six Siege Y5S3 – Operation Shadow Legacy The Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy release date isn’t too far away, and fortunately we’ve now seen everything the new season has to offer. Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy drops the Skyscraper rework, breathing new life into the towering Japanese locale. Ubisoft only tweeted this: Scheduled Maintenance There will be some maintenance today. Operation Shadow Legacy in Rainbow Six Siege. One of the big game overhauls coming in Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Shadow Legacy … Operation Shadow Legacy (Y5S3) is the 3rd season of Rainbow Six: Siege's 5th year, releasing as a free content update in August, 2020. If you were hoping Ubisoft was going to give a release date for Rainbow Six Siege's next season, 'Operation Shadow Legacy… Despite absolutely no fanfare from Ubisoft, the new Operation has landed. - 10th September. Rainbow Six Siege's Ping 2.0 system highlighting a Lesion mine. Explore the newly reworked Chalet and discover all the new features brought to you with Operation Shadow Legacy. There will be data repackaging with this maintenance, so there will be … Shadow Legacy Is Out Now! RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 2020. Get out from the dark with this season Operation Shadow Legacy. Ubisoft.

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October 27, 2020

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