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Here are the options that you could have gotten on our quiz and also some more details on their individual personalities. Her quirky personality is always prepared to go against the grain, regardless of how she's judged for it. Since then, Rose has written for Horror Honeys, Moviepilot and Quirkbooks as well as Screenrant, increasingly focusing on comic books and live-action comic adaptations, as well as diversity and representation on screen. 10 hours ago, by Amanda Prahl Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. Phoebe's eventual husband, he was a lawyer who quit to become a musician, and he was as 'wonderfully weird' as Phoebe herself. Gemini are known for having an amazing sense of humor and being great storytellers... but they are also a sign that loves love, and just wants approval. The last member of the core gang, and what other sign could Phoebe be but an Aquarius? Nora Bing (Chandler's Mom) might not have had a huge part in the show, but she's such a great example of a Saggitarrius that we had to include her. She's kind and loving to Ross and to many of the gang, even though she really doesn't have to be, and she's also smart and gives great advice. Any Aries would probably be a Mike in the show - he's driven (he became a lawyer and then a successful pianist), he's not afraid to be different, he will stand up to people (including his parents when they were rude to Phoebe), and he's creative and passionate. Chloe is an attractive girl who works at a Xerox store in Manhattan. And if you're wondering which one you might relate to the most, let's talk about the Friends character you are, according to your zodiac sign. Erica loves to see the best in people - just like a Pisces. There's something classic about Monica's former flame, and that is very Capricorn-esque. Speaking of Ross, if you are a Capricorn, you may just be a Ross Gellar. Rachel tends to avoid conflict, and that's totally the Libra in her. It is a Friday night. That's Rachel in a nutshell. One of the most popular sitcoms of all time, Friends lasted ten years on NBC and had one of the most impressive and extensive list of celebrity guest stars of any television series ever made. She's literally a mother, of course, as Ross's ex wife and the mother to Ben. If you're a fan of the show, take our quiz now to find out which New Girl character you are! Like Schmidt, you're upbeat, confident, and completely in love with love — especially being loved. Finally, we come to Pisces, and to Erica - the biological mother of Chandler and Monica's kids. Her co-worker and close friend is Isaac. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Were you a Type-A neat freak like Monica, or maybe a fashionista like Rachel? Hermione Granger. She's the ultimate hippy chick of the gang, a dreamy, watery, emotional human who is positive, sensitive, and extremely emotionally driven. Begin Quiz. You love to do your own thing, and you have a serious case of tunnel vision, so when you're into something — a hobby, a person, whatever — you find yourself going all in. You regularly find yourself in the spotlight without even trying, and although you come across as cool and calm, you're surprisingly goofy, with a weird side that only comes out every once in a while. She's incredibly detail-oriented, sharp, organized, and has the tendency to get easily overwhelmed by too many things at once. Whenever I hear him say, "Hey, how you doin'?" Your partner was suppose to bring you back a turkey and mayo sandwhich, but accidently brought you turkey and mustard. It's clear Chandler is an incredibly sensitive person with a heart full of feelings. He's even more forward-thinking than Monica, because although she loves to organize, she didn't organize her money like he did - he started saving with his first job! If you're a fan, I bet you often wonder how Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe are all doing, as if they're real people who are still living their lives in New York. NEXT: Friends: 10 Things We Never Understood About Chandler Bing. You're definitely awkward sometimes. And if you're wondering which one you might relate to the most, let's talk about the Friends character you are, according to your zodiac sign. And what Scorpio doesn't prefer to protect their air of mystery? Have fun! Such a Cancer! Emily's sweet, soft, and sensitive nature has such a Pisces quality to it. The first of the big six is Chandler Bing - and if you are a Gemini, you probably relate to the group's funnyman. Rose Moore has been writing about film, TV and comics since 2013, when she began writing for a local print magazine in Vancouver, BC. She's so forgiving — I mean, she tried to make things work with Ross after he said the wrong name at their wedding — and letting bygones be bygones is something a Pisces does well. Scorpios are known for their passion - and if there's one thing that Joey was known for above all else, it was his passion for the opposite sex. Hermione Granger is one of the main characters of the entire series and is one of Harry Potter’s best friends. Janice is generous, loving, and faithful - so much so, that she and Chandler are on-again, off-again for basically the entire series. Friends: 10 Saddest Things About Chandler Bing. ... MORE QUIZZES Which 'Emily In Paris' Character Are You? Written by Lani Conway. Rachel is actually a good example of both sides to a Libra; when she first joined the gang, she was spoiled and superficial (which can be the worst of a Libra sign), but she grew and was able to make a career out of her appreciation of style and beauty (and that creativity and love of beauty is a Libra trait too). ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! Chances are, they've been watching it ever since they were a kid and they still regularly watch reruns, knowing whenever they're having an off day, an episode of Friends will be the comfort they're searching for. You're snarky and sarcastic with a dry sense of humor — the queen of one-liners — and your loyal personality makes you a solid, dependable friend. Even today, when the show has been off the air for years, fans still love to guess which one of the gang they would be the most like. She never follows a rulebook and she certainly doesn't abide by tradition. But that's the power of a truly incredibly show, isn't it? 6 hours ago, by Amanda Prahl Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. It's more than that, though. However, he tends to use humor to deflect from processing his emotions. Mike may not have been a major character until later in the season, but he's a quiet fan-favorite. Generous, optimistic, warm, and flirtatious Joey could be nothing less than a Leo. If you are a Taurus, you may well be most like Gunther - and although he's not one of the core group, he's still a major part of the show. 6 hours ago, by Perri Konecky The opposite sex might think that all men/women are the same, but that is far from the truth. 7 hours ago, by Karenna Meredith Jess may get credit for being the "quirky" one, but like Winston, it's you who really marches to the beat of your own drum. Get your New Girl fix with our character quiz! He always seems to know what he's doing and people — like Chandler and Joey way back when — look up to him. She may be a minor character, but she's Pisces to the core. Which Gacha Character Are You Actually? The characters on Friends are more than fictional people; they're your friends, too. She loves lists, organization, cleaning, and control... and those are absolutely Virgo traits! Even though Gunther tends to slip in and out, his presence radiates with his secret crush on Rachel. She enters the scene like a gust of wind and her presence is beyond noticeable. It doesn't matter how long it's been or how many new TV shows have been released. by Kelsie Gibson You're sarcastic, fun-loving, and, yes, a little weird, but you're also a loyal friend and a sweet secret romantic. When he believes something, he believes in it wholeheartedly. There are more than a few reasons to love the show, but the hilarious characters are at the top of the list. And, yes, you tend to be a bit vain, caring a lot about yourself, but you care even more about the people you love. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above Choose Characters From These Popular Shows To Find Out What TV Character You're Most Like. She was a gifted student at Hogwarts and was known for her intelligence. There's no character more mysterious on the show than Gunther. Each of the Friends characters (and some secondary characters) perfectly sum up a star sign - but which would that make you? (Remember "The One Where No One's Ready"?) Find out: Mike's intense level of passion and drive reflects the Aries in him. 1 day ago. These aren't necessarily the signs of the characters (where birthdays have been given), but the characters that most embody the big traits of each of the zodiac. There's something timeless and irreplaceable about Friends. Rachel would probably be a Libra - the sign of the zodiac that is sociable, flirty, and definitely into appearances. Monica is such a perfectionist, she has to be a Virgo. : The 10 Darkest Episodes, Ranked, The Office: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Recurring Characters. So, which character on Friends do you share a zodiac sign with? You can follow her on Twitter: RoseMooreWrites for tweets about comics, movies, and more. He's a softie at heart, but he often has trouble seeing things from a different perspective. However, Joey also has the sweet and fun-loving Scorpio traits, too. Yup, Rachel is definitely a Libra. This may be the most obvious of the Friends' zodiac associations... if ever there was a typical Virgo, it would have to be Monica Gellar. Whenever I ask someone what their favorite TV show of all time is, you have no idea how many times they reply with Friends. Sometimes she's a little unaware of herself, but that's because Sagittarius invented "foot-in-mouth" syndrome. He's definitely one of the most cautious and prudent of the gang, always thinking ahead. However, he can get a bit jealous... just like a Taurus! 10 hours ago, by Amanda Prahl That's exactly how an Aries fights for love. Luckily, she knows how to forge a family of her own. There's nothing you wouldn't do for your friends. It's especially clear Emily is a Pisces when she can empathize with others, even when it puts her in a difficult position. Awkward? She's always ready to give him a second chance, and that forgiving nature is very Leo - but being a little bit too much for some to handle can be a Leo trait too! Chandler often uses his jokes to cover up his insecurities and try to make people like him, which is definitely a Gemini thing to do. In general, you're pretty indecisive, but when you're sure about what you want, you aren't afraid to go after it with everything you've got. Sure, you sometimes struggle with being an emotional roller coaster, but it's that up-and-down personality that drives you to go after what you want. What Virgo doesn't get anxious when things go ever so slightly wrong? She's an optimist and an idealist, but naive and can be easily led (as we see from her pregnancy and conception confusion, and how easily Monica and Chandler fool her at first when they are trying to pose as the donors she chose). If you're a fan of Outer Banks, then you are no doubt loving its colorful and crazy characters that run around the OBX.Whether you identify more as … Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook (e.g., school, work, current city, age) will appear …

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