Unfavorable government policies: Nigerians set on the edge

Some realities in Nigeria will never ceases to amaze a large sector of the Nigerian nation which I can conveniently put to be the masses without any iota or tendency of being sentimental or subjective, reasons not far-fetched.

Within the confines of governance and reaping of the benefits of the dividends of democracy in Nigeria, the masses which the bane of favourable government policies should be directed to are the ones who are bearing a large chunk of the brunt of unfavorable government policies and decisions.

It’s such a pathetic and discouraging situation to see that while the fangs of corruption, political manipulations, terrorism, ethnicity and bigotry which had eaten deep into the fabrics of the nation Nigeria has deprived Nigerians of meaningful community based projects, infrastructural development and economic growth, the same Nigeria nation plagued with all these aforementioned unpalatable experiences has to deal with back breaking decisions from the government who are voted to make things easier for the people.

A regular reader of this platform and our articles will understand the point at which we need to collectively address as a nation; there are so many inadequacies within the Nigerian system which needs urgent address and intervention.

The masses who goes to the poll every “four- four” years to exercise their electoral franchise in bringing in new set of leaders and also retaining the ones they feel that should be retained into power, however it’s often sad to see many of these elected officials forget within a twinkle of an eye the promises they made during their electioneering period while delivering their manifestos. It’s a culture that they always come with sugar coated mouths, the deception in their voices is bee made hard to decipher all thanks to their mastery of the use of emotions to mask these deceits and insincerity. They climb those lofty podiums tagging themselves sons and daughters of Awo, offspring of Zik and descendants of Balewa while in the real sense of it they are nothing but broods of vipers, they are better categorized under the caprices of a green snake under a green grass or a brown snake lurking beneath the dark waiting to strike the honest passers-by.

In another description, the Nigerian masses are like a big tree which give covering through its shades, and while it offers a shade to the Nigerian beehive of thieves called politicians, they take not only the fruits of the tree to eat but also take the axe to cut down its branches to make fires to warm themselves sapping life away from the tree. It’s only same to conclude that one day the tree will die and the shade it offers will be no more.

The decisions especially the economic decision of government should be tailored emphatically towards the general good of all, and not some pharaoh like decisions which are made to enrich just a few while it subject others to abject poverty. The decent attempt to fight back against this obnoxious policies and decisions are always met with stern faces of these so called political elites who in the midst of their irregularities and outright failures to fulfill their given mandates take to violence to arrest people who has the urge to call them to account for their dealings in government. We now live in a dangerous time when criticisms are tagged hate speeches which is punishable with the hefty sum of Five million naira. While the apologist and blind supporters of these obnoxious policies and decisions take to the pages of Twitter and Facebook to sing praises of mediocrity we have in our so called leaders.

Coming to terms with the reality that while other nations of the world are making business policies and favourable economic reforms to help its citizens combat and fight the harsh realities imposed on us with the outbreak of Covid-19 in the world the Nigerian government has failed to take a clue from these Progressive nations of the world but instead they have chosen to start rules which in their sight they think will be for the good of all which in reality is nothing but another draconian rule to frustrate the hardworking and honest Nigerians out there who wants nothing but to survive these hard realities.

For the Nigerian Government under the leadership of President Muhhammadu Buhari to within the space of 24hours increase the price of the petrol and that of to e electricity tariff is nothing but an outright insensitivity to the plight of the Masses.

Coupled with this, their inability to provide decent infrastructure in the nation makes it more worrisome to note that in the midst of their failures they still chose to be insensitive. First for a government that failed to provide and ensure a stable electricity supply in the nation despite its several campaign promises during the election period to go ahead to still increase the tariff of electricity in the nation is nothing but a total disregard for the growth and plight of the Masses.

Secondly for a nation which has one of the largest deposits if crude oil in the world but without a working refinery and it citizens still pays exhorting fees for petrol I’d worrisome. This recent hike on Fuel price in Nigeria makes it the third time in three months that the government will be increasing the price of fuel in the country.

We must ask ourselves if the various hopes of Nigerians to see a better government, one that truly cares for them is always dashed against the walls, then what’s the hope for the future, what’s the pride of being called and labeled a Nigerian.

It’s often said on many social platforms in the circles of light discourse that if the borders of developed countries are opened for free to Nigerians, there might be no one left in Nigeria to stay behind. While this may be considered a joke, however it has several iota of truth in it. It’s high time we take the bull by the horn and do the needful, the joy of being a Nigerian has been taken from us and dignity as the inhabitants of the most populous black nation on the surface of the earth has been taken away from us.

A law or decision from the government that has no benefits to the masses is no law at all, the Nigerian masses must stand up to peaceful, decently and constructively rise up to demand a change, they must rise up to demand good governance, one that’s ready and sincerely committed to bridging the gap between the rich and poor in the nation.

Jobs are limited in the nation called Nigeria, many graduates are wasting away in the nation while the best of the nation’s brains who has the luxury of leaving the country has left for other nations in the world, small and medium scale businesses are dying and the government is aiding their death process by placing back breaking decisions on them.

Youth with the right mindset must seek to the place of relevance and stop celebrating mediocre, jollof wars between Nigeria and Ghana will give us no pride, and it’s not going to secure our future. It’s high time they activity take charge of their lives and get involved in demanding for accountability in governance else they leave unto them a failed and broken Nation.


By Marcus Amudipe

September 3, 2020

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