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(1) We will register 5m members by 2023 and 20m members by 2027. (2) We will enlighten our members about politics, policies and ideologies. (3) We will influence our members to register, vote, defend their votes and vie for office. (4) We will actively support the emergence of a unified people’s movement that will ultimately defeat the old order.



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Who own Zamfara’s gold, the Federal government, the Zamfara State government or the 36 states of the Federation? This is
Again as always, we find ourselves at the front page of international , obviously not for reasons many will be
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Different strokes for different folks they say, contextualizing this saying to meet the Nigerian realities, it seems that within the
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“Six new vehicles every 3 years, One hundred percent of the basic salary of the serving governor which is N
In many weeks to come, It’s expected that more of the nation’s national discourse will be centered on the ENDSARS
In the month of May, in the year 2003, the All Nigerian People’s Party (ANPP) had approached the then Inspector
Nigeria in it years of existence as a sovereign and independent entity has seen the emergence of various presidents who
The Federal Government of Nigeria has not made hidden it’s a desire to stamp it seal on the usage of