Understanding the sorosoke generation

Events within the socio-political discourse of country within the last few weeks has led to the re-awakening a set of people who have chosen to be identified as the sorosoke generation.

One which has seen these set of people defy the traditional understanding of the concept of respect and reverence.

For those within the Yoruba culture, it is believed and strongly taught that respect must be accorded to the older generation no matter what. Adding to this many across tribal differences believes that the Elderly ones among us can never be wrong and when they are; on the basis of the fact that they are old, they have no obligation to apologize publicly.

The sorosoke Generation as generally known and called has taken it upon them to break this jinx by calling forth the system which they believed have failed them over the years and have in many ways mitigated against their right to grow and thrive.

While they have been called the future of the country, they have had to sit back over the years watching the older generation continue to plunge the nation dry of its national resources which was meant for communal benefits.

With little or nothing to show for their years of existence especially the underprivileged among them, their awakening to the issues of national discourse comes as a surprise for the Nigerian populace in general.

Once described as the Lazy Youths, their resurgence came with great renaissance; a spirited one which was backed with energy. The level of organization and orderly showed by them during the recent ENDSAR protest serves as a positive indication of the best to expect from them if they are given the chance to grow and thrive in Nigeria.

Talk about the level of transparency with the funds given to them during the course of the peaceful protest, one which they truly justified as they were able to successfully use these funds tor the dedicated needs they were donated for. Their ability to mobilize one another, motivate each other to fight for a common goal.

Far above the tongues of exaggeration and needless use of sweet words to over qualify these laudable impression which they left on the minds of many Nigeria and the respect they were able to garnered in the process. We must salute their courage to unite themselves, as they gathered for days in unity of purpose.

It came as a surprise to many as they did not allow the tentacles of religious differences, ethical or tribal affiliation to come in between them.

It takes an objective position and a more critical understanding of where these set of people are coming from to understand them or justify their positions.

However, before I continue it’s important that we reiterate our position that we do not in any way support the eventual hijacking of the protest by hoodlums and societal miscreants. Even though in the middle of all these we must come to agree that many of these hoodlums and miscreants are product of bad leadership; ones which the society failed to invest in in order to nurture and empower them to be better citizens who understand the need tor peaceful approached to resolving issues.

Back to the bane of this discourse, the sorosoke generation can be said to be the ones within the age grade of 15 to 35, at most we can extend this to 40.

Majority of them although was given birth to during the late 90s, many of them were young to have had a full understanding of what it was to live during the military era. They are the ones that who grew up in the age of liberation and globalization. Unlike their parents who grew up to witness colonial rule and the various regime of military rules. These were a set of people whose lives were defined by the realities of the 21st century; one which was heralded with the air of freedom and breakfast from the usual status quo.

To some, their traits and obvious features can be taken for arrogance, rudeness and rebellion, to others it might on the other hand be taken for the much needed ingredient needed for a national reawakening which could prove very effective in Liberating Nigeria.

I choose to go with the latter, the Divine presents us with a golden chance to invest in a generation with the right elements that can see to the attainment of the dreams of our founding fathers. The Nigerian dream has taken far too long to materialize. We have had as a nation six decades of endless frustration.

The Nigerian masses are being noted and known for their enduring spirit, one that has seen them tolerate and adapt to various situations which are unfit for humans to experience. They have thrown themselves in an endless grasp called hope with no end in sight.

History present us with the opportunity to give way to a younger populace to lead the way, the older generation must see it as a point of importance that they pave the way for these generation; offering them the much needed guidance and motivation to see them harness their highly spirited being.

We must understand that there’s a wide different between the old and the new, and as a result of this; the new must not be left to wander away with no ideological framework to back its movement.

The word sorosoke is a Yoruba term which connotes, “to speak up” we have a generation that is speaking up for us all, we have one that is willing to change the course of the history of our great nation. Days have passed since the ENDSARS protest, we have a duty to ensure that there voices never die down. We have a duty to ensure that the world sees the potential in this set of people; giving them the much needed platform to thrive.

Posterity will be the judge of all, if we fail this generation just as we have done in the years before. It’s high time that we understand the sorosoke generation less we fail trap to the words of the old sage, Obafemi Awolowo who stated that,” the children of the poor you choose to train will never give you peace in the future”


By Marcus Amudipe



November 6, 2020

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